Test internship at Erasmus MC: experiences of an ambassador!

Two Dutch ambassadors did an internship at Erasmus MC. Curious what they have done and how they experienced this? Read more!

Published at 04.20.2022

Author: adminenglish

Basma and Zhi Qi are ambassadors of the SEEDS project in the Netherlands! They did their internship at the Department of Public Health of the Erasmus MC. They have joined several employees at Erasmus MC and Zhi Qi has described her experiences below!

“Hello everyone,

My name is Zhi Qi and I did an internship at Erasmus MC.

I did a trial internship at the Department of Public Health from 24 to 31 March.

I got my own research together with Basma (another student who also did an internship), we had many fun and creative ideas. For example, we had made cards with questions that the researchers could fill in. Based on the answers, we eventually made a poster.

We were allowed to watch the ABCDE course in the simulation center, which was very new and certainly interesting. We also joined the volunteers in Erasmus MC, they gave us a tour of the Erasmus MC. We helped the EMC academy with different work tasks.

We have written another blog for the SEEDS website as we are also ambassadors for SEEDS. We met with researchers from ESCA and have given them ideas for the SEEDS project. We also received nice assignments that we can work out for ESCA.

The trial internship was a fun/instructive experience that I will not soon forget”.

 Zhi Qi

 Curious about the poster that Zhi Qi and Basma made? Take a look below!