The SEEDS project through the eyes of 2 Dutch ambassadors!

Why are they participating in the SEEDS project and what do they enjoy the most about it? Read on for the experiences of our Dutch ambassadors!

Published at 03.30.2022

Author: adminenglish

SEEDS is a Citizen Science project. That means that we work together with our target group – In this case the teenagers in Europe!

A small group of students, the ambassadors, help us with various parts of the SEEDS project: we ask them questions in the focus groups, they develop activities in the Makeathon and give us feedback about the final intervention.

Why do ambassadors participate in the SEEDS project and what do they like about it? Two Dutch ambassadors tell about their experiences within the SEEDS project so far! They have also created a great new version of the SEEDS logo shared at the end of the blog!


Basma (15)

I said yes to participate in the SEEDS project, to help gaining a better understanding of how young people think about eating healthier and exercising more.

The best moments for me so far have been meeting all the SEEDS ambassadors from my school and collecting ideas on how we can attract more young people to participate in the SEEDS project.

I think motivation plays a major role in the reason why young people make it so difficult to exercise more and eat healthier, because they think they start with, for example, a schedule with more and healthier living, but never finish it.


Zhi Qi (14)

Hello everyone,

I participate in the SEEDS project because I want to help make people’s lives healthier. Then you think huh? How do you do that! By eating less and exercising more? Yes, and no that is definitely not everything.

I learned a lot of new things and I can’t wait to share it with other ambassadors from all over Europe! I really enjoy doing things together, working out together and of course going for something tasty together. You can always eat delicious food, but sports are also great fun, right? E.g. Have fun kicking around in the sun with your friends.

What else do I really want to know/learn? The stories of other ambassadors or students who like to live a healthy and fun life themselves of course!


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