STEM Discovery Campaign

Published at 02.21.2023

Author: adminenglish

The SEEDS project has been selected for the 2023 STEM Discovery Campaign launched by Scientix, the community for science education in Europe.

The 2023 STEM Discovery Campaign is organised with the theme “STEM identities”. STEM identity has an important role on an individual’s success in educational environments, their career goals and orientation. Developing a STEM identity increases the likelihood that learners will develop their science literacy, and some might even follow in the future a STEM career path. Through the implementation of an interdisciplinary and integrated approach, learners can be engaged in STEM activities in all the fields and types in education. Therefore, all interested parties can help learners on cultivating their STEM identities by designing and facilitating rich STEM experiences for them. The  STEM Discovery Campaign encourages every educational stakeholder to organise and take part in different events and activities to support learners on discovering and developing further their STEM-selves.

Find out here how to participate.