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Makeathons are creative, collaborative challenges in a short amount of time. They bring together people (aka ‘Makers’) from different backgrounds to reflect on and tackle a single cause together. Makers work in teams to freely create whatever they want on a set theme or subject. This theme will be revealed to them at the last moment. [1]

The role of Makeathons in SEEDS is to empower teenagers as Makers to create change for themselves. Working together with relevant stakeholders, the teenagers will create experiments to explore how they can live healthier lifestyles. These Makeathons will expose teenagers to many exciting aspects of science. technology, engineering and maths (‘STEM’). The SEEDS team have created guidelines to standardise these Makeathons running in schools in Spain, Greece, the UK and the Netherlands.


[1] Adapted from “Going the Distance with Makeathons—‘Makers’ Marathons’ Explained”


Makeathon logo with the seeds logo in the centre and the words 'test', 'create' and 'explore' around the edge