What is SEEDS?

SEEDS is a science project by teenagers for teenagers. It aims to empower them to live healthy lifestyles and to help them explore how important and exciting science is. They will use citizen science to create new experiments for healthy lifestyles. These will run for six months in schools in Spain, the Netherlands, Greece and the UK.


What is SEEDS?

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Group photo of the SEEDS final exchange meeting


SEEDS is about to end. After two years of reflections, interventions, activities to improve the health of adolescents, we all met to share the experience, present the results and evaluate what has been achieved. About 80 …
A teenager holding a plate with a variety of healthy snacks on it

Competition for healthy snacks

A healthy competition The SEEDS project participants have already finished the healthy snack and screen time competitions. This was one of the activities they proposed to encourage the consumption of healthy snacks at school and to …
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