• What is SEEDS?

    What is SEEDS?

What is SEEDS?

SEEDS is a different kind of science experiment. One where the science is by teenagers for teenagers. They are involved at every stage to create change for themselves. 

SEEDS is a citizen science project that wants to empower teenagers to live healthy lifestyles. We also want to help them explore how exciting and important science, technology, engineering and mathematics (‘STEM’) is in their lives. The citizen science part is therefore actually quite important – it means that the teenagers are the ones doing the science! They will use citizen science to create new experiments for healthy lifestyles, with input from relevant stakeholders in their lives. These experiments will run for six months in schools in Spain, the Netherlands, Greece and the UK.


Who is behind SEEDS?

We are a team of nutrition, public health, physical activity and citizen science experts who care about the opportunities teenagers have to be healthy. We have worked separately on various projects to improve teenagers health and science interest through social media, sport, board games, community engagement, nutrition and more. However, this is the first time we are working together and we are very excited to share ideas.