Welcome to SEEDS!

The SEEDS project website is now online!

Published at 10.19.2021

Author: editorenglish

Welcome to SEEDS. We are really excited to share our project! Our team of researchers are working in Spain, the Netherlands, Greece and the UK. We want to empower teenagers to make better decisions in their health through citizen science. We know that teenagers find it hard to be healthy, so SEEDS is a chance for them to create change through ‘Makeathons’. These are events where they will design two or three different experiments to help them lead healthier lifestyles. The teenagers will then combine the best experiments into one intervention. This will run in their schools for six months! This is called ‘Citizen Science’. We don’t know what the teenagers will invent, but we are excited what they will do. We are looking forward to sharing experiences and results here and on our Twitter account.