The Dutch Makeathon in Rotterdam!

The last Makeathon took place in the Netherlands!

Published at 01.07.2022

Author: adminenglish

On Friday, December 17, 2021, 20 high school students from Rotterdam participated in the SEEDS Makeathon. It was a hybrid event: students could attend school, but experts and supervisors of the groups had to connect online. Our chairman, Karim Amghar, led the program, so that everyone was involved via a live connection.

At two schools in Rotterdam, the young scientists set to work with questions about a healthy diet and more exercise. What activities do they devise to lead a healthier life? They could also ask for input from experts from the Netherlands Nutrition Center, Onwijs Gezond!, DOCK, Rotterdam Sport Support and Sportbedrijf Rotterdam!

Young researchers from Erasmus MC supported the students in developing their ideas and the experience of the stakeholders also came in handy. The students were able to think about new interventions together, and then also shared their ideas with the students from the other school. Would they like to participate in the intervention? Will it work out at both schools? What do we need?

There were plenty of ideas: from more opportunities for exercise during breaks to a sports competition between schools, and from preparing and selling healthy snacks to raising awareness of what healthy food actually is.

It was great that everyone was so flexible. Despite the circumstances, we made it an innovative event!

What exactly will the intervention look like? To be continued…