International Day of Women and Girls in Science

With so many amazing women and girls involved in SEEDS, 11th February is an important celebration!

Published at 02.10.2022

Author: adminenglish

11th February is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. This is an annual celebration of the incredible contributions women and girls have made and will make to science. The SEEDS team is led by and has more than 50% women, so this is something we are very aware of. All of our teams have shared their thoughts on this important day.


The Spanish team have reflected on challenges for equal participation and their hopes for the SEEDS project.

According to the Organization of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture (OEI) in the report “The State of Science 2020”, STEM fields and disciplines have a very low participation in higher education in Spain. For this reason, we want to ensure gender equality and engage girls in STEM during the SEEDS project.

The European Citizen Science Association shared the importance of and opportunities within citizen science.

Citizen science is by nature collaborative and open to respond to the needs of communities. It is breaks the traditional model of science that is heavily specialised and competitive. Instead, it provides a democratic opportunity to empower women and girls in science and to hear their voices.

The Greek team are very excited about the opportunities for women and girls in scientists.

SEEDS is a marvellous opportunity to engage women and girls in a collaboration of creativity and science to promote a healthier lifestyle in our local communities. Most of our teenage scientists are girls who are actively shaping the project’s intervention. In addition, more than half of our research team in Harokopeio consists of women running various scientific projects with colleagues from all around Europe. These are promising times for new and experienced female scientists alike to broaden their horizons and contribute with their unique take in the exciting world of science!

The British team have already seen so many great contributions from women and girls to the science of SEEDS.

The role of girls in the SEEDS project cannot be understated. The contributions from women and girls during this project have been so interesting to see. They certainly recognise the importance of STEM.

The Dutch Team have shared some of the voices of the Dutch teenage scientists.

In the SEEDS project, we aim to empower girls in science! According to our Dutch female teenage-scientists, the main answers to ‘being a scientist means’ were research, chemistry experiments and laboratory!


Interesting things to do:

  • Check out the Perimeter Institute Website, particularly their Forces of Nature Posters and their online Escape Room
  • Listen to the Nevertheless Podcast, which also has posters drawn by women artists.
  • Go to the library! There are so many great books about and by women scientists, and you can find some of these on websites like or via social media e.g. the scientist Dr Jess Wade has shared some on her twitter account.



Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash