Greek Makeathons in Athens!

In December 2021, two Makeathons were conducted in Greece.

Published at 02.02.2022

Author: adminenglish

These Makeathons happened in person at the schools, with a researcher from the Harokopeio University of Athens. In each Makeathon, 9 ambassador pupils and 2 stakeholders participated.

During the Makeathons there was a storm of ideas from the teenage scientists. They passionately supported their ideas to transform their school environment for better snacking and physical activity. Their voices were heard and they raised many practical issues during the discussion. However, this did not discourage them from reaching a conclusive output of potential experiments to boost the well-being of their school’s peers. Some of the key highlights the teenage scientists discussed were:

  • changing the availability of food choices in the school canteen
  • ideas for technical improvements in the PE classes
  • how to spread the word across school.

This was a very creative and enjoyable process for both the participants and the instructor. Over the next few months Greek teenage scientist will test out some of these experiments as part of their interventions. Hopefully some or all of these experiments will empower them to live a healthier lifestyle and to enjoy science! 

Orange and Green Postits, full of suggestions for experiments from the Greek Teenage Scientists - Image 2