The outcome of the makeathons in Spain

Intervention protocol and materials

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The Intervention protocol and materials provides the details of the 4 interventions of SEEDS project, designed in the makeathons event in each pilot country (Greece, Spain, The Netherlands and The United Kingdom). The 4 interventions resulted …
Six people standing in a line in front of a large display screen that says 'Citizen Science in Education and Schools. There are four women and two men, and all are standing and smiling

SEEDS at the ECSA 2022 Conference

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In October 2022 we presented the teenage scientists’ work at the European Citizen Science Association Conference. This conference runs every two years for people who work in citizen science. Claire from ECSA gave a talk during …
Group photo of the SEEDS final exchange meeting

Final Exchange Meeting

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SEEDS is about to end. After two years of reflections, interventions, activities to improve the health of adolescents, we all met to share the experience, present the results and evaluate what has been achieved. About 80 …