In May we had the opportunity to present our work at the annual conference of the International Society of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity!

Published at 06.08.2022

Author: adminenglish

Last May, Famke, Claire, Dimitris and Annemieke from the SEEDS team had the opportunity to present our work at the annual ISBNPA Conference in Phoenix, USA. A great place to share all research about nutrition and physical activity.

Famke chaired our hybrid symposium about SEEDS where Annemieke told more about the protocol of our study and Dimitris followed with a presentation on preliminary results of the focus groups. On a very early hour, Claire joined online for a presentation about our Makeathon events. An interesting discussion followed and it was good to have this in person connection with other researchers!

It was great to get in touch with other participatory research projects, like another EU Horizon2020 project ‘Health Cascade’. We shared our insights in the field of school-based healthy lifestyle interventions and got to learn from each other!

The day after our symposium, Annemieke also gave a presentation about an ongoing literature review about participatory research with youth in healthy lifestyle interventions. A publication including results will follow later!

Overall, it was great to share and discuss the SEEDS project with other researchers and to gather in person at the ISBNPA 2022!


Dimitris, Annemieke and Famke at the ISNBPA congress in Phoenix, USA.

Claire joined the symposium about SEEDS online.