Engaging Citizen Science Conference Workshop

Sharing SEEDS with citizen science researchers

Published at 04.27.2022

Author: adminenglish

Claire from the SEEDS team worked with Cathrine, Eglė and Michael from the YouCount Project to create a workshop for the Engaging Citizen Science Conference. This conference was a place where people who run citizen science projects met to share ideas. The SEEDS team wanted to share some important experiences from working with teenage scientists.

The workshop consisted of lots of brainstorming sessions, where attendees thought about:

  • Why is youth empowerment important?
  • Running, planning and sustaining citizen (social) science to empower youth.

In conferences and workshops, people normally spend lots of time sitting down. However, the SEEDS project is all about being healthy, so attendees moved around lots of tables to add their ideas. They used post its just like the Teenage Scientists did in the Makeathons! They also voted about whether they had fun and whether they found it interesting – everyone said yes! People who came to the workshop contributed lots of great ideas, so it was a lot of fun!