City of Rotterdam Internal Webinar

On the 18th of November, 35 people connected to an online webinar on citizen science held in Rotterdam for policymakers and researchers.

Published at 11.18.2021

Author: editorenglish

The SEEDS team introduced the audience to citizen science and to the SEEDS project. Claire Murray discussed the history and the main concepts of citizen science. She particularly highlighted the various types of citizen scientists. This connected neatly to Annemieke Warger’s talk on the SEEDS project and the important role Dutch teenage scientists have. She shared the results from the focus group (see image), where the Dutch teenage scientists identified challenges to being healthy. As a result of the focus groups, the SEEDS team have used these ideas to shape the questions for the Makeathon events. Attendees were very interested in these new approaches. There were lots of questions and ideas exchanged in the final part of the meeting, highlighting possibilities to apply these approaches elsewhere in Rotterdam.  


Screenshot of Annemieke's talk, highlighting topics discussed during the focus groups. This includes the expense of healthy snacks and the lack of options to move during the day.